Follow the Impulse — The Next Level

‘Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.’ Carl Sagan Have you ever felt a strange pull towards something that you are not able to define or name? What was it that called explorers forth to explore beyond the normal, the known, the horizon, and allowing nothing and no one to hold them back? The […]

A Grand Symphony – <br> A Merry Motive

Beyond all the noise in our world these days, Created mostly because of fear and lack, If we care to slow down and take a step back, We will notice it is a call to explore new ways! It invites us to quiet our minds and listen in intensely, As below the surface it is […]

Ride the Wave – From Profit and Loss to Flow and Flourishing

Let’s talk Money! Here in the Land of Milk and Honey! Yes it is that currency that many believe is the most important Thing! Yet all that glitters is not gold and can simply be worthless Bling! Care to join us for a ride? So we can turn the tide? To enable all to flourish […]

The Invitation

You are cordially invited as our Guest of Honour! Who does not love to receive a handwritten invitation? Curiosity arising like the flutter of butterfly wings when engaging the handwriting, subtle, yet almost imperceptibly glorious. Who could it be from? The letters ‘Yours Truly’ dance with the passion of a tango across your line of […]