Easy Does It..Welcome to the world of EASE!

Enter the world of awe, wonder, and possibility…

We are alive at an exciting time of rapid change, unsettling world events, disruptions, and invitations to explore new ways of being and doing. Sensemaking has many benefits that assist us not only to be more resilient, yet also to thrive and be more prepared.

We are delighted to share our EASE Sensemaking Toolkit with you. To benefit from experimenting with your EASE Sensemaking Toolkit begin HERE…

Have a pen and a few pieces of paper ready and ensure you will not be disturbed while listening to the audios and engaging with the videos. Invite in curiosity, a sense of adventure, fearlessness, magic, and awe and wonder to accompany you.

We first exercise our perception, awareness, sensibilities, visualization, listening, receptivity, creative thinking and contextualization muscles. Thereafter we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a Sensemaking Exploration. A continuous process, hereafter the journey truly begins. It is thus wise to complete the activities in this order. 

Be prepared to be amazed,

Anticipate shifts and enter magical new pathways!

Hannelie Venucia and the Possibility Navigators