Easy Does It..Welcome to the world of EASE!

We thrive when we are in a flow state and become a magnet for joy, vitality, prosperity, abundance, pure goodness, delight, and adventure. This is when we are in integrity, show up fully in the world, and share our contributions, no matter the activity, with exuberance and pizzazz!  It is highly energizing, fulfilling, and contagious.

We are alive at an exciting time of rapid change, unsettling world events, disruptions, and invitations to explore new ways of being and doing. The other side of the coin brings about much fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, which causes polarization, misunderstandings, fear-, lack-, and panic-based decisions, and unrealistic expectations, which in turn causes disconnection, stress, burnout, overwhelm, and dissonance.
Don’t be fooled! That happens when we react from victim- and scarcity  consciousness. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into that. 

It is impossible to control, drain your energy, abuse you, or to manipulate you when you live with ease, joy, and grace, thus in a flow state.


Debunking Burnout and Resilience

How to deal with it all then? Especially of we are overwhelmed, exhausted, disheartened, despondent, stressed, anxious, depressed, disengaged, withdrawn, resigned, or feeling drained, stuck, isolated, misunderstood, confused, and deprived?

Is Resilience the answer, as it is part of modern day vocabulary? We say no! Think about it again. Being resilient in an unpleasant, toxic, degrading situation that steals your dignity, vitality, and energy, is a huge compromise, as you make yourself less to function and cope in such an environment. It keeps you small. Why should you make yourself less to fit into an unwanted, misaligned, and  situation?

It is a completely different story if you intentionally do things to increase your mental-, physical-, emotional- and spiritual well-being, as part of your unique personal-, professional-, and spiritual development process to grow and improve yourself, as then it is from a place of integrity and autonomy, and not induced by an external source, situation, or events. Such events can act as a prompt and an inspiration to do some self-reflection and make decisions accordingly, yet it is not a reaction to fear.

What else is then possible? What to do?

Remove yourself from the situation. Take a pause. Stop and drop what you are busy doing. Come back to yourself. Connect to your breath, heartbeat, and center and ground yourself. Squeeze your eyes and gently shake your head without injuring your neck. Roll your shoulders backwards and wiggle and shake your whole body. Go for a walk, dance on the spot, simply move. Sing, chant, tone with your voice. Release all the tension. Engage all your physical senses. Connect to Nature and the elements. Play in a park or your garden. Go to the children’s park and allow your inner child to swing. Watch the sun rise and set. Breathe in the sun. Star and moon bathe at night. Watch a river flowing and listen to rain. (Youtube has many such videos.) Nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul.  Once done you are ready to enter a world of awe and wonder, expand your perception, raise your vibration and energy levels, gain fresh perspective, and explore what else is possible. Embodied Sensemaking and Senseshifting are exactly what the good doctor ordered so you can come back in flow, are more prepared to respond to external events with more ease and in alignment to your true self, and can flourish and thrive in even harsh circumstances!

A Burst of Magic - Live in Flow

We are delighted to share our Easy Does it Sensemaking Resiliency Toolkit with you. Self-care and Self-Regulation are the biggest gifts we can give ourselves. Claim your Me-Time! Do it unapologetically without shame, guilt, or blame.

Have a journal, pen, and a few pieces of paper ready and ensure you will not be disturbed while listening to the audios and engaging with the videos. Invite in curiosity, a sense of adventure, fearlessness, magic, and awe and wonder to accompany you.’

We first exercise our perception, awareness, sensibilities, visualization, listening, receptivity, creative thinking and contextualization muscles. Thereafter we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a Sensemaking Exploration. A continuous process, hereafter the journey truly begins. It is thus wise to complete the activities in this order.

It does not stop here!

You also receive our CIA of Being 3-fold immersive, interactive, downloadable, multi-sensory Experience and Playbook to assist you with Self-Regulation and to Center and Re-energize yourself worth $222.

It consists of your welcome and navigation guide, a video, 3 audios, and your CIA of Being Playbook, filled with reflection-, experimentation exercise, enriching ideas, and embodiment and integration practices, and a journal.

And what is more, it includes a virtual, 30 minute, one-on-one personal Sensemaking session with one of our Possibility Navigators and Joy Generators.


Anticipate shifts and enter magical new pathways!


Hannelie Venucia and the Possibility Navigators