Engage the Flow through a Creative Quest and
Creative Thinking Toolkit

"New ways of thinking about familiar things can release new energies and make all manner of things possible."

Charles Handy

Creative Quest and
Creative Thinking Toolkit

Exercise your Creative Imagination, Creative Intelligence &
Creative Thinking muscles

 We are meant to grow in experience, flourish, and thrive, not only function, cope, and survive!
The difference between a marginal and exceptional life and experience!
We easily go into doing mode with the same mindsets when things are no longer working, or relevant. 
Our innate Power to Create is more powerful as it also unlocks new types of thinking and new ways of being and doing. 
Creative Thinking opens the door to Possibility and Exponential Thinking and Flow States.
Einstein believed that the intuitive, or metaphorical mind is a sacred gift and that the rational mind was a faithful servant. He often spoke about how he made huge discoveries whilst in a receptive Flow State. 
  • enter the gateway to a life fully lived and the infinite field of possibilities
  • experience true joy
    ignite your creative spark
  • introduce adventure into your life, relations, and work
  • find clarity
  • gain perspective
  • enact whole-person decision making
  • flourish and thrive
  • explore possibilities
  • experiment with potential
  • expand your perception
  • engage higher cognitive abilities
  • shape a new reality
  • contribute to a better world for all
  • be prepared when opportunity knocks
  • make space for the new

Take a Creative Break and Exercise your Creative Intelligence-, Thinking-, and Imagination Muscles to revitalize and re-energize your body, mind, soul, and your day!

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action…”

Martha Graham

The Joy Factor - A way of Life

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action..."

Martha Graham

Have you ever wondered how the humans who discovered fire felt? The excite and fear? How it transformed their lives, their way of thinking, being, relating, and doing? A massive quantum leap. Humanity has gone through many such leaps and we have crossed the threshold of another such leap. Denying it will simply cause trauma, struggle, and suffering. 

Instead we can embrace this incredible opportunity to upgrade our human technology and to ignite our higher cognitive and creative abilities. It is clear here in the age of Artificial Intelligence, rapid changes, polarization, social, geopolitical, and financial instability, climate change, and disruptions. 

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm, passion, yes lots of passion, curiosity, and a secret ingredient.

That secret ingredient is our Creative Intelligence and Spark.

We are all born creative. The way we show up in the world, do life, dress, engage, relate, think, act, interact, make decisions, create, work together, share, exchange, and experience joy are all creative. We are creative from the moment we wake up in the morning until we close our beautiful eyes at night to enter the dream world.  

Tapping into our inborn Creative Intelligence has never been so important then now.

On a personal and social level  Creative Thinking opens the doors to Creative Being, Creative Relating, and Creative Doing so all can flourish and thrive.

It enables us to:

  • navigate life, change, dissonance, and chaos with more ease and grace
  • uplift our spirits and nourish our souls
  • stay in flow, energized, and focused
  • make aware decisions
  • gain clarity and perspective
  • transform physical, emotional, and mental health issues
  • reduce burnout, stress, and anxiety
  • enact energizing effort and inspired action
  •  prepare for when opportunity knocks
  •  transcend inter-generational and cultural differences and improve those relationships, communication, and understanding
  •  fuse different lines of thought
  • negate biases and prejudices
  •  and create unity in diverse communities and groups

Did you know that Creative Thinking is a stress reducer? It has diverse and multiple applications in the workplace for leaders and professionals alike.

It prepares us for:

  • workplace innovation such as job crafting
  • creative questioning
  • and to 
  • wisely introduce organizational change such as Return to Office policy changes
  •  engender trust and confidence
  •  engage whole system strategic intent and shared purpose
  • make big picture and whole system decisions
  •  consider impact
  •  improve employee wellness, engagement, and meaningfulness
  • enhance effectiveness and a sense of fulfillment
  •  transform quiet quitting and resigned inertia
  • bridge positional, generational, cultural, functional, gender, relational, income, and identity gaps
  •  practice rare, scarce, and new skills
  •  and much more!

“Traveling through life with curiosity rather than judgement is how one finds the magic in each moment.”

Erin Chatters

Ready for mental nourishment and to leave the familiar to mingle with new realities and possibilities?

Receive your Born to Create Pass for $1111

Your Born to Create Pass enable you to engage your incredible Creative Intelligence and Agency at your own pace and in your own time.

It includes the following:

  • Creative Quest Welcome, Preparation, and Orientation Guide
  • Creative Quest Exploration inclusive of creative intelligence activation, whole person immersion, sensory simulation, consisting of  videos and audios
  • One live virtual one-on-one 120 minute Guidance Session with our resident Creative Wizard worth $350
  • Creative Life Navigation Organizer
  • Your Personalized 3d Creative Thinking Map with a Twist
  • Your Personal Creative Dream Set
  • Born to Create Playbook inclusive of  reflection practices, experimentation ideas, creative and expanded thinking prompts, embodiment and integration techniques and practices, journal prompts, and homeplay
  • Applied Creativity Practices and Techniques that you can apply in your personal, social, and professional life and in the workplace
  • Immersive, Interactive, Multi-Sensory, Whole Brain, Whole Person ‘PI – Science meets Imagination’ Exploration

The Creative Spirit is benevolent and generous

Your overall well-being is extremely important to us and your ability to navigate the world of possibility.

You receive a Bonus: Our Easy Does it Embodied Resiliency Toolkit worth $555

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"It probably is only the intutive leap that will let us solve problems in this complex world. This is the major advantage of man over computer."

Tom Peters and Robert Waterman