Enter the Flow with the Come and See Applied Embodied Sensemaking
Adventure and Toolkit

"Innovative leaders (and self-leaders) working in the invisible realms act on their subjective perceptions of the organizations or situations...Such leaders (and self-leaders) work with the invisible, subconscious mind to foresee impending chaos...They are able to turn chaos into creativity and to support the unquantifiable shifts in thought that must transpire in order for a transformative change to occur."

Karen Buckley and Joan Stuffy

One step ahead!

Peace of mind is a luxury today with so much going on in our world and in the workplace. Stay one step ahead and discover how peace of mind is possible through exploring the power and value of :

  • Sensemaking and Decision Making
  • Sensemaking and Organizational and Individual Prosperity, Health, and Well-being
  • Sensemaking and Return to Office Policies
  • Sensemaking and Workplace Wellness
  • Sensemaking and Artificial Generative Intelligence and Big Data
  • Sensemaking and Coaching

Be ready to be amazed!

How perceptive and receptive are you?

Can you hear the blood flowing in your veins?

Are you able to perceive the nuances and intricacies of the changing landscape when you are traveling?

Do you benefit from the alchemy between the senses, synchronicity, and serendipity?

Humanity is a fascinating species. Even though we believe we are so sophisticated we need all kinds of maps, road signs, road marks, instructions, manuals, textbooks, formulas, frameworks, policies, procedures, templates, cheat sheets, reports, and theories, to navigate life, and data, information, and knowledge from external sources to make decisions.

The dilemma lies in our set worldviews, outdated mindsets, the size and content of our frames of reference, our interpretation, understanding, and analysis of information, our ability to deliberate the impact of our choices and to discern what is in alignment with our visions and intentions, and to consider and navigate variables.

That takes us out of the present moment and the natural ebb and flow of life, and we become misaligned with the emerging, unfolding future.

Calculative thinking does not provide insight. It originates from past experiences, preconceived notions and ideas, and is mostly fear-, and linear- based. It is our present moment perception and expanded awareness that provide true insight beyond the obvious.

We can have access to all the data, information, and knowledge in the world, yet it will have no value if we interpret it with outdated thinking, and only apply binary-, rational-, and analytical thinking.

We have long lost touch with our inborn sensibilities, such as the 37 senses that some indigenous peoples still use today and the 360 sensibilities that the ancient Egyptians engaged. They were so connected to the Universe, Life, Nature, and each other that they didn’t need technology and external sources of information. 

You may say but life got a lot more complex. Yet, that is not entirely true. All civilizations experienced some level of complexity, as it is relative.

And yes, technology is there to make life easier. Yet a fool with a tool is still a fool. 

Impotent, outdated, and narrow-minded thinking will cause humanity to become a dumb, numb, and reactive species if we do not upgrade our innate human technologies and explore emerging human intelligence.


Enter the Flow

Likewise it readies us for a quantum leap and sense-shifting. 

A mere paradigm- and mindset-shift and mental upgrade will not enable us to harness, embrace, and embody such paradigm shifts.

We experience life through our sensibilities, tangible and intangible.

Senseshifting is a super power, enacts latent abilities, and enables bilateral harmonization, resonance multification, increases differentiation, and upgrades our human technology, cognitive, receptive, creative, and perceptive abilities.

Embodied Sensemaking prepares us for Senseshifting in an organic fluid and dynamic way.

The magic lies in Collective Sensemaking when our sensory palettes are amplified and magnified when Sensemakers come together. 

Morphic Resonance takes place and the impact of wisdom emerging is exponential and multi-directional like ripples in a pond.

The future is expressing itself through us in the present moment if we are aware and connected!


Humanity is experiencing a huge shift as we finally leave the Industrial Era behind and enter the Age of Awareness and the Artificial Intelligence Era.

This paradigm shift requires a different approach and mindset, and also a sense-shift.

Reacting to these changes, making fear-, panic-, and lack-based decisions, and looking at events at face value and in a linear-, isolated-, reductionist-, and disconnected way, take us out of flow and create unnecessary fear, dissonance, and uncertainty.

Embodied Sensemaking brings the conceptual and experiential, and the receptive and creative together. It enacts our enhanced multi-sensory palette, multiple intelligences (42), higher cognitive and expanded perception abilities, and enables us to anticipate the next emerging current, recognize patterns and to perceive the bigger unfolding picture in 3d, gain fresh perspective, and prepares us to navigate paradigm shifts with ease, align with emerging trends, and respond to rapid changes in an aware, empowered, connected, and fluid way.

Solving the human perceptual and perspective dilemma:

When we are inside the picture it is impossible to see outside of the frame, or to explore what is behind it. Likewise, it is difficult to see inside a dark room. That does not mean there is nothing outside, or behind the picture, or inside the dark room.

Embodied Sensemaking is the proverbial light switch that enables us to also perceive what is beyond, behind, and all around, make positive meaning, create context, then take inspired, aligned, resonant, synchronized, coherent, generative action and interaction accordingly, and to track the outflows and unfolding.

Ready to put on the light?

Comfortable to traverse the edge of consciousness and the emerging future?

Take a well-deserved Break

Exercise your innate Sensemaking Muscles

It will give you fresh perspective, energize you, and bring you back in alignment, in flow, and on track!

3d Insight Leadership and Self-Leadership through Embodied Sensemaking

We can live as an eagle with clear-sightedness and a 360 degree outlook and higher perspective, able to perceive the bigger picture and how everything connects.

Or we can be like a chicken on the ground, only seeing what is in front of it, scratching in the confines of the pen, being completely oblivious to what is happening and possible beyond its world.

What would you rather like to be?

"Leaders create meaning out of events that devastate non-leaders... Leaders who succeed again and again are geniuses at grasping context." 

Warren G. Bennis & Robert J. Thomas

Some Reflection Questions
Are you able to:

  • live in flow?
  • make aware, fruitful, and aligned decisions right now by engaging foresight?
  • leverage your Sensemaking Intelligence?
  • follow the flow of energy in your teams, projects, initiatives, and organization?
  • interpret and make sense of data and information from multiple sources?
  • create positive meaning of events and quickly grasp context without biases and prejudices?
  • engage multi-directional and multi-dimensional insight?
  • respond to rapid changes, disruptions, and challenges in a more prepared, aware, and empowered way, rather than react?
  • go beyond normal and instill trust and confidence during turbulent events?
  • gain fresh perspective with ease?
  • consider other perspectives and expand your perception?
  • create coherence and synergy in your teams, groups, community, and organization?
  • be agile and flexible in your actions and organization?
  • look beyond the surface and notice the undercurrents that drive events?
  • make connections between seemingly unrelated aspects and events?
  • stay in flow and focused during disruptions and unexpected events?
  • deal with the unexpected in a graceful and empowered way?
  • take care of your own well-being and self-regulate whilst showing the way to others?
  • harness synchronicity and serendipitous events?
  • stay relevant and current in an ever changing world?
  • catalyze and sustain flow states within your environment and in the workplace?
  • flourish and thrive during challenges and not only function and cope?
  • harnessing your entire, full spectrum sensory palette and multidimensional intelligences?
  • access, or create liminal, timeless spaces for wisdom and insight to emerge?  
  • ready for the future?

3d Insight Leadership and Self-Leadership through Embodied Applied Sensemaking

Let’s talk sense and get practical:

Showing you a picture of the most delicious food and telling you about it won’t feed and nourish you. You have to eat it, thus taste and ingest it and your beautiful body needs to metabolize it to fully nourish and energize you!

A personal, direct, sensory, internalizing experience makes it real, meaningful, and enjoyable!

Here we go!

Harness your innate 3d Insight Abilities

Benefit from your full spectrum Sensemaking Intelligence (SI)

Fun facts about your Liminal Guide and
our SENSATE Embodied Applied Sensemaking Process

Hannelie Venucia was Sensemaking long before the concept was coined and before MITx’s first u-lab was launched in 2015 during her professional career of more than 32 years and has actively shared bespoke Sensemaking explorations and experiences since 2010 in different environments, contexts, and industries, and on 3 different continents.

Our Sensate Embodied Applied Sensemaking Process originated and developed from this in-depth and expansive experience and body of wisdom.     

Welcome to your personal ‘Sensemaking Experimentation Entourage’ (SEE)

You are now able to experiment with trusted and reputable Embodied Applied Sensemaking Techniques and Practices in the comfort of your own office, home, or garden.

The invitation is to allow your questioning nature, free-associating mind, curious inner child, and open-minded inner scientist to experiment to your heart’s desire, whilst you exercise your inborn sensemaking muscles and reinvigorate your vision and objectives.

A wise man, Rumi, reminded us to let go of our cleverness and to embrace our bewilderment. It is clear that our cleverness does not help us much here in the 21st Century. It is insane and makes no sense that we use the same type thinking that created dilemmas to look for solutions, or to explore other possibilities.

“The only language for some things is experience. You have to go, to know.”

Tom Brown Jr.


Come and See Embodied Sensemaking Toolkit

Your SEE Pass of $1111 gifts you with:

Come and See Embodied Sensemaking Toolkit consisting of:

  • Come and See Welcome, Preparation, and Navigation Guide
  • Our ‘SENSATE’ Embodied Sensemaking process
  • Immersive, Interactive, multi-sensory Embodied Sensemaking Quest accessible through videos and audios
  • One live, virtual one-on-one 120 minutes Embodied Sensemaking Discovery Session with our resident EASE Sensemaker and Senseshifter worth $350
  • Come and See Sensemaking Playbook inclusive of reflection-. expanded perception-, interpretation-, and experimentation ideas and prompts, refinement-, embodiment-, integration-, practical application practices and techniques, and journal.
  • Come and See Sensemaking Flow Map and Continuity Tracker
  • Your Personal 3d Insight Graphs and Insight Imprints
  • The ABC’s of Applied Embodied Sensemaking Experimentation Multimedia Series, covering Embodied Sensemaking and Leadership, Sensemaking and Strategy, Sensemaking and Innovation, Sensemaking and Change, Sensemaking and Technology, Sensemaking and Engagement, Sensemaking and Sales, Sensemaking and Learning, and Sensemaking and Entrepreneurship, inclusive of 9 visual playbooks, 9 audios, and 9 videos
  • 4 themed interactive practical and meaningful sensemaking experiences, applying different practices and techniques.

For the 4 themed interactive experiences, you get the opportunity to experiment with these themes:

The Art of Conscious Relating

We explore how the way we think impacts the way we relate, connect, engage, communicate, create, share, participate, and contribute.

Beyond Labels and Roles

We explore how sensemaking techniques assist us to access, invite, and consider wisdom and insight beyond labels, functions, and roles that people use to define themselves, act as, think as, identify with and as, and contribute as.

From Give-to-Get to Share-Receive Mindsets

We experiment with sensemaking techniques as we explore why a give-to-get attitude is not magnetic, attractive, reciprocal, generative, or sustainable, and against the natural flow of life.


We explore how sensemaking techniques assist us to facilitate multidirectional communication, harvest wisdom, and initiate generative action and follow though, during and after conferences, webinars, summits, discussions, and other events, both in-person, virtual, and hybrid.

The Value and Significance of Embodied Sensemaking in the 21st Century

It enables us to:

  • Perceive with Awareness.
  • Deal with Disruptions in an Empowered Way
  • Benefit from the Unexpected
  • Navigate Shifting Paradigms with more ease
  • Align with Emerging Trends
  • Leverage Adjacent and Not-so-Obvious Opportunities
  • Orchestrate Coherence
  • Merge Diverse Ideas, Viewpoints, and Lines of Thought
  • Upgrade our Mindsets
  • Harness Flow States
  • Expand our Awareness beyond Binary Logic*
  • Stimulate our natural Sensibilities**
  • Enact Foresight. Receptive, Intuitive, and Creative Whole Person and Whole Brain Abilities***
  • Use Creative and Critical Thinking to create Context****
  • Expand our Conceptualization Abilities*****
  • Rise above Turbulence to access Big Picture Thinking******
  • Look beyond Setbacks, Disappointments, and Frustration
  • Consider Whole System and Big Picture Impact
  •  Apply Personal and Group Energy Management Principles

*,**,***,****, *****,******All these abilities are invaluable and priceless in our fickle and unpredictable world of rapid changes, chaos, uncertainty, insecurity, wealth imbalance, volatility, lack-, fear-, and panic-based decisions, generational-, functional-, relational-, positional-, gender-, income-, identity-, and cultural gaps and biases, loss of control, poor quality of life, high cost of living,  inequality, social injustices, disruptions, turbulence, trauma, sustainability dilemmas, AI, VR, AR, the virtual hybrid workspace, mental health issues, burnout, anxiety, stress, polarization, social-, geopolitical-, and financial instability, climate change, and fear of the future.

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Ps. Sensemaking is not about making sense. In the latter we put the card before the horses and use the same type thinking that created an outdated, no longer relevant, or no longer working situation, to find meaning and ways to move forward. In true sensemaking, we step into an in-between space and apply all our sensibilities to sense into the situation and look beneath the surface, and allow the Collective Intuition and Wisdom to inform us through multisensory experiences. Thereafter we go into the making part, during which we co-create relevant context and apply meaning. The outflow is generative (something that can grow and bear abundant fruits and bloom over and over again), synchronized, aligned, and coherent action and interaction. And the process does not stop here. From here we are open to synchronicities, track the natural flow and whatever unfolds along the way. Then we repeat the same process to be able to integrate this new knowledge and wisdom into our environments and situations.