For leaders:

  • Do you need assistance in making better decisions right now?
  • Do you need a fresh perspective?
  • Do you need assistance in creating coherence in your organization?
  • Would you like to be more agile and flexible in your organization?
  • Do you want to respond rather than react to disruptions and challenges?

Welcome to your personal ‘Sensemaking Experimentation Entourage’ (SEE)

You are now able to experiment with trusted and reputable Sensemaking Techniques and Practices in the comfort of your own office, home, or garden.

The invitation is to allow your questioning nature, free-associating mind, curious inner child, and open-minded inner scientist to experiment to your heart’s desire, whilst you exercise your inborn sensemaking muscles and reinvigorate your vision and objectives.

A wise man, Rumi, reminded us to let go of our cleverness and to embrace our bewilderment. It is clear that our cleverness does not help us much here in the 21st Century. It is insane and makes no sense that we use the same type thinking that created dilemmas to look for solutions, or to explore other possibilities.

“The only language for some things is experience. You have to go, to know.”

Tom Brown Jr.

What is included?

Your SEE Pass of $1111 includes 4 hours of interactive practical and meaningful sensemaking experiences, applying different techniques.

You get the opportunity to experiment with these themes:1

The Art of Conscious Relating

We explore how the way we think impacts the way we relate, connect, engage, communicate, create, share, participate, and contribute.

Beyond Labels and Roles

We explore how sensemaking techniques assist us to access, invite, and consider wisdom and insight beyond labels, functions, and roles that people use to define themselves, act as, think as, identify with and as, and contribute as.

From Give-to-Get to Share-Receive Mindsets

We experiment with sensemaking techniques as we explore why a give-to-get attitude is not magnetic, attractive, reciprocal, generative, or sustainable, and against the natural flow of life.


We explore how sensemaking techniques assist us to facilitate multidirectional communication, harvest wisdom, and initiate generative action and follow though, during and after conferences, webinars, summits, discussions, and other events, both in-person, virtual, and hybrid.

The Value and Significance of Sensemaking in the 21st Century

It enables us to:

  • Perceive with Awareness.
  • Deal with Disruptions in an Empowered Way
  • Benefit from the Unexpected
  • Navigate Shifting Paradigms with more ease
  • Orchestrate Coherence
  • Merge Diverse Ideas, Viewpoints, and Lines of Thought
  • Upgrade our Mindsets
  • Expand our Awareness beyond Binary Logic*
  • Stimulate our natural Sensibilities**
  • Use Creative and Critical Thinking to create Context***
  • Expand our Conceptualization Abilities****
  • Rise above Turbulence to access Big Picture Thinking*****
  • Look beyond Setbacks, Disappointments, and Frustration

*,**,***,****, *****All these abilities are invaluable and priceless in our fickle and unpredictable world of inequality, disruptions, turbulence, trauma, sustainability dilemmas, AI, VR, AR, the virtual workspace, and the likes.

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Ps. Sensemaking is not about making sense. In the latter we put the card before the horses and use the same type thinking that created an outdated, no longer relevant, or no longer working situation, to find meaning and ways to move forward. In true sensemaking, we step into an in-between space and apply all our sensibilities to sense into the situation and look beneath the surface, and allow the Collective Intuition and Wisdom to inform us through multisensory experiences. Thereafter we go into the making part, during which we co-create relevant context and apply meaning. The outflow is generative (something that can grow and bear abundant fruits and bloom over and over again), synchronized, aligned, and coherent action and interaction. And the process does not stop here. From here we are open to synchronicities, track the natural flow and whatever unfolds along the way. Then we repeat the same process to be able to integrate this new knowledge and wisdom into our environments and situations.