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Upcoming Flow Salons:

Orchestrating Coherence
in the Workplace

In the workplace landscape that rapidly transforms due to unexpected events, disruptions, external influences, multiple distractions, technological advances, the war on talent, and the great resignation, where wellbeing and a balanced life is favoured, and where polarized viewpoints and beliefs are weaponized, diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) is high on the agenda. To establish a sense of unity, belonging, stability, trust, and confidence in such an environment requires mental acuity, emotional maturity, physical agility, and spiritual strength. In this Flow and Sensemaking Salon we explore how leaders, c-suite executives, team leaders, and managers can orchestrate coherence, harness current conditions, and establish rapport, whilst attending to important matters

Harnessing your Organizational
Sensemaking Intelligence

To create a sense of calm, stability, uncommon trust, and clarity during dynamic and unexpected change, disruptions, and externally induced chaos, requires from us to take a step back and to take a full spectrum and whole-system view and consider situations and information from multiple angles and perspectives. It directly impacts how we approach and respond to change and how we make decisions and lead. In this Sensemaking and Flow Salon we explore how to make positive meaning of events, sense into, embrace, and align to emerging patterns, harness opportunities arising, work with the most life-affirming possibilities available, and inspire synchronized, aligned, coherent, generative, and fulfilling action, whilst creating coherence and focusing on actualizing our visions and goals.

Upcoming Flow Masterclasses:

The Art of Casting, Crafting, and Grafting

Times of transition, rapid technological advances, disruption, and change invite us to think differently about leadership, as outdated thinking, crisis management, reactive decisions, and no longer relevant structures are questioned. Much of what we used to rely on and which was stable, fall away. It is an opportunity to revisit what is most important, review and restructure outdated patterns, and realign and adjust our direction. In this Flow and Sensemaking Masterclass we explore how to harness the creative tension available at such times, how to leverage our creative, receptive, and visionary intelligences, how to create the most prolific environment where all can thrive, how to discern what to keep and what to let go of, and how to embrace and activate creative flow in our organizations and communities. Come join us as we celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day

Embracing Possibility-based Business Practices

Holding onto outdated, limiting, no longer relevant, and exhausted business approaches and practices takes us out of flow and into a space of fear, lack, scarcity, need, uncertainty, ambiguity, and misalignment, where we fear of future. Fearing not having or being enough takes us into a needs-based mindset and we are not able to access what is available us in the present moment, what is strong, abundant, and emerging. In this Flow and Sensemaking Masterclass we turn needs-based approaches upside down, inside out, and back to front so we can rise above turbulence, come back into flow, harness synchronicities, work with the most prolific and life-generative possibilities, benefit from possibility-based business practices, and how to introduce and integrate them into our organizations and teams.

Upcoming Retreat

Information for the ‘Setting the Tone – Harnessing your Leadership Intelligence’ Online Retreat

Decision Support and Directive Intelligence has never been so important than in the 21st Century of big data, AI, algorithms, misinformation, and fake news. We can no longer rely on external sources of information and intelligence to make decisions. Likewise, we cannot see the forest for the trees when we are in the middle of situations. The invitation is thus to return to our inborn Leadership Intelligence, whether personal or otherwise. Explore and harness this intelligence during our upcoming virtual retreat, which is also available in-house. Participants in this retreat will have access to our Directive Intelligence Decision Support Application.

ACE Open Hour

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Our monthly ACE Open session to connect, share,
discover and celebrate.

This event will take place every last Friday of the month at
16h00 CET.

What is ACE?
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Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

hello, I am your facilitator, Hannelie Venucia

Forever curious about what else is possible, it gives me great joy to be your host and guide. Join me and other Possibilitarians, Luminaries, Trailblazers, Pioneers, Explorers, and Early Adopters, as together, we explore possibilities and emerging patterns that has the potential to change the course of history so ALL humans, living creatures, and our planet can thrive. Wonderful to meet you. Welcome to my world. I am Hannelie and love sharing my passions, talents, gifts, insights, wisdom, knowledge, and discoveries as a Senseshifter, Visionary, Business Philosopher, Intuitive-Creatrix, Experimenter, Questor, Inventor of 3 Apps, Joy Generator, Free-Thinker, Rainmaker, Public Speaker, Human Whisperer, Liminal Guide, Published Author, Embodied Change Facilitator, and Poet, so that all can thrive. A world citizen and explorer by heart, with my base in Cape Town, South Africa, I am forever curious and passionate about the next level of being and working together, adventure, leadership, sensemaking, creative thinking, innovation, creativity, technology, design, dance, swimming, wordsmithing, writing, hiking, playing, and travel. You are welcome to listen to our podcasts, read our blogs, and exercise your Sensemaking and Creative Thinking muscle using our Toolkits while you visit our web-home here. Connect with us here is you are curious and interested to participate in our experiments, quests, leaps, salons, retreats, workshops, and masterclasses.

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An invitation to experiement further with the possible, flow states, emmergeing patterns related to the Future of Leadership, the Future of Work, the Future of Humanity, the Future of Leaning, and the Future of Innovation